feinedesign is a creative agency.

Since 2003 we are working with the industry standards.


We like to build things up from the ground.


Working around your business ideas and concepts to create assets accordingly.

If you need a logo we set up the message with you. From that on we work on a layout - be it online or offline. We do your stationary as well as your online shop - whatever the requirements are.


We take care of your hosting and name service and help you to make informed decisions.


In order to get the most possible exposure on search engines like Google we work with a hosting system by ADOBE namely Business Catalyst.

BC is a platform that is scalable from simple website hosting to online shop building with lots of marketing tools as well as customer database and extensive analytical features.

You can also set up blogs, a forum or FAQs with the click of a button.


We train you how to maintain and update your site as well as set up keywords for your customers to find you on search engines.


We aim for a partnership with you our customer where we will be involved heavily at the beginning and, if you like become someone lightly associated - but still connected - as you become more and more able to maintain things yourself.


And if you once decide to change the look and feel of your site we can do that for you without compromising the data and work that has already gone into it, as BC uses an infrastructure that takes care of the data while we take care of the packaging and presentation.

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